Customer Spotlight: Adams Lake Indian Band 

Wildland 3 Initial Attack Order

Adams Lake Indian Band enhance community safety with order of a revolutionary multi-mission wildland response vehicle. 

June 21, 2023 – Community Safety Director, Mike Moyer, shares why they’re opting for an exciting new wildland development to further their wildland, structure protection, and initial attack capabilities. 

What was important to you when selecting a wildland vehicle fit for your department?

Community Safety Director Mike Moyer: The ALIB community, similar to other First Nations communities, faces challenges with their terrain that make it difficult to use traditional fire equipment. Most fire emergencies involve grass fires, structures and urban interference, but ALIB is well-prepared to respond. When choosing their equipment, ALIB considered speed, agility, and manueverability.

What was the motivation behind this order?

Community Safety Director Mike Moyer: The ALIB Fire Department (FD) has been operating since the 1980s, and their original FD truck (E2) is still in use today despite being outdated. The department has been unable to replace it with a newer model. However, a new FD bush truck is set to replace aging equipment and improve the department’s capabilities. The ALIB Fire Department is excited to be chosen as a pilot site for this new equipment, which has boosted morale within the FD Hall. The department often handles situations where their conventional equipment needs to be improved, and this new truck will help them address such challenges.

How will the Wildland 3 Initial Attack help you serve your community more effectively?

Community Safety Director Mike Moyer: We have collaborated with the ALIB Fire Department to enhance safety measures for the Adams Lake Indian band and its neighbouring areas. We believe that improving response time and equipment flexibility is crucial to ensuring overall safety, and these efforts are part of our new operations. 

Learn more about the most remarkable wildland engine here.

About Adams Lake Indian Band First Nations

The ALIB Office proudly offers services that align with our Vision & Mission Statements to its members. The Chief and Council provide exceptional political leadership and guidance to the Executive Director and managers, ensuring the proper administration of programs and services for the betterment of the community. With significant growth over the years, we have developed new tools to deliver services effectively in a changing world, creating more opportunities to advance band programs, develop economic initiatives, and provide meaningful employment to more families. Our main band office is located on the Sahhaltkum (Sexqeltqin) Indian Reserve #4, on Little Shuswap Lake’s western side, across from the Village of Chase, BC. We take pride in our ten administration buildings in the Chase IR4 community, where our main band offices are spread out. Also, the Switsemalph (Sxwetsmèllp) Indian Reserve #6 is within the municipal boundaries of Salmo, located on the western side of Shuswap Lake.