Ferrara MVP Rescue Pumper


Ferrara MVP Rescue Pumper

Never before has a truck had such an impact on the firefighting industry as the MVP Rescue Pumper. Maintaining the performance capabilities of a custom pumper while carrying an immense amount of rescue equipment makes this truck truly the Most Valuable Player. Designed with firefighter safety in mind, the MVP features low step heights, frame rail height crosslays and lowered body height to make equipment retrieval easier and safer. The compact pump panel provides everything you expect in a pumper such as jump lines, triple crosslays, deck gun, rear body, hose bed and LDH discharges.


Cinder & Igniter up to 450 HP / Inferno up to 600 HP / Ultra up to 500 HP


Extruded Aluminum Modular 12 Gauge Stainless Steel


Full height compartments as deep as 27.5”

Ladder Storage

Thru-the-tank, beside-the-tank, hosebed or single arm ladder rack storage


Available from 750 GPM to 2250 GPM

Pump Controls

Side mount enclosed pump panels

Tank Size

300 to 1000 US Gallons*

Foam System

Starting at 20 US Gallons in any make


Cab and body structural is 10 year or 100,000 miles

Extra Low Speedlays


Optional Storage

Up to 768 Cubic Ft

Pump & Roll Capabilities