Vancouver Fire Rescue Services

Toyota Highlander Outfitting | SKU: E9251 & E9268

2021 Toyota Highlander (Hybrid)

2.5 L

243 HP


Emergency Lighting Package

  • - SA 315P Siren Speaker mounted behind or below front grill.
  • - Remote light and siren control system and mount control head inside center console. Amplifier mounted in the rear trunk, below the deck where the jack is stored.
  • - Hands Free Siren Control.
  • - Emergency Light Programming. ¬†
  • - VTX609C Clear Vertex -¬†Inside front fog lights.
  • - TLIR T-Series. Red ION - Vertically beside fog lights.
  • - TLMIR, Mini Ion T - On front fenders centered directly above the tire.
  • - Custom fabricated brow light mounted and shrouded to the right (passenger) side windshield (brackets held above visor). 4 lights starting from right to left (alternating install).
  • - 2 red, 2 clear in grill with red and white alternating.
  • - Vertex lights inside clear portion of all 4 rear tail light assemblies.
  • - Red Vertex lights inside lower red bezels.
  • - Fabricated custom brackets for emergency lights. Powder-coated durable black finish.
  • - Whites Off with Emergency Brake application when on scene.
  • - Motorola APX7500 Radio with model 03 radio control head and 2 antennas.
  • - Panasonic G1 Tablet, keyboard, and mounting.
  • - Power supply for tablet.
  • - Vinyl pouch for storage of removable antenna whip.