Spartan Independent Front Suspension (IFS)

Safety & innovation without compromise

Increased Safety

Increased Safety

Engineered to be the safest chassis in the industry. Shortest stopping distance. Improved cornering. No bump steer.

Superior Maneuverability

Superior Maneuverability

Industry leading 55 degree cramp angle produces a 22% shorter turn radius than the competition.

Improved Ride and Handling

Improved Ride & Handling

Performance proven air-spring technology produces the smoothest ride and handling. The reviews speak for themself. See the proof below.

“A big factor in Saanich Fire’s decision to use the IFS on Engine 3 was stability and ride comfort. During emergency response the Officer has to be able to safely and easily view all details of the incident on the mobile terminal. A smooth stable ride is imperative to safe operations & response. The option to increase our wheelbase length to allow better body cabinet configuration was a bonus as well.”

– Deputy Chief Dan Wood, Saanich Fire Department

SPARTAN IFS vs Competitor
SPARTAN IFS Front Axle photo
Open platform. Non-proprietary. Availability Closed platform. Proprietary.
Engineered to withstand the severe on-road use of the fire service. Application Designed for off-road use.
Performance proven air-spring technology. Architecture Mechanical high-stress torsion bar.
Independent wheel movement so all tires remain in contact with ground. Shorter stopping distance. Improved cornering. No “bump steer.” Safety High-stress torsion spring prone to fracture.
Lowest TCO. Replacement parts are “industry standard” components, in stock, reducing down time. Total Cost of Ownership
Proprietary parts cost more. Longer lead time on replacement parts. Geometry & set-up is not easily maintained or adjusted.
Up to 55 degrees even with addition of front intake. Cramp Angle Up to 45 degrees. Cramp angle significantly reduced with front intake.
22% shorter turn radius. Maneuverability Greater turn radius.
Variable rate air springs & custom tuned shock absorbers. Impact on 1 wheel does not affect steering. Ride Quality
& Handling
Mechanical torsion spring produce harsh ride for occupants & equipment.
Chassis height is maintained regardless of load. Ride Height Chassis height varies with load.
Ability to lower up to 4” to reduce step height (ingress/egress) & access to equipment. Kneeling (Lowering) Unable to kneel or lower.