Equipment Mounting


Craft new life into your new or existing fire and emergency vehicles with custom tool and equipment mounting.

We merge our expert industry experience with invaluable customer input to create customizable solutions that provide safer and more functional compartment spaces.

Custom Tool & Equipment Mounting

Equipment Mounting with SAFETEK PROFIRE
Fitted for new delivery with SAFETEK PROFIRE

Fitted for your new delivery

Our team intelligently designs storage spaces to optimize compartment volume even in the tightest of spaces.

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Retrofit your existing fleet

Our goal is to construct custom solutions that provide you with easier access to equipment; new or old.

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Retrofit your exisitng fleet with SAFETEK PROFIRE

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We always look forward to retrofitting existing fleets so they can be more organized and safer for your crews.

Every truck is different and may present different levels of complexity. Our team would be happy to provide you with an estimate.

Yes. Our talented fabrication team can design and build pull-out drawers so you can take full advantage of every inch of your compartment space.

Generally, most trucks are fitted on location in our shop. However, we are always challenging ourselves to break the mold of traditional customer service – never say never.

Equipment Mounting with SAFETEK PROFIRE