Spartan Side Mount Custom Pumpers


Spartan Side Mount Custom Pumpers

Choosing the right pumper is a decision that has far reaching implications. After all, they are the heart of your fleet, whether that’s one or one hundred. You want it engineered and built to meet your needs today, and to handle the challenges your department and community will face years from now. Our full line of custom pumpers built on a custom chassis are among the strongest in the industry and feature the industry’s #1 rated cab safety system. Each configuration features our exclusive body structure and mounting system offering a durable framework that delivers more compartment space, a lower center of gravity, ergonomic controls and increased serviceability and excellent handling and drivability.

Metro Star Chassis

300-500 HP

Gladiator Chassis

400-600 HP


Stainless steel or aluminum body construction

Water Tank

500 to 1500 US Gallons

Pump Options

Waterous, Darley, or Hale Pump options

Foam System

Spartan’s 1-touch CAFS and other foam systems available


Up to 2250 GPM

Horsepower Capabilities

380 to 600 HP

Advanced Protection System