Spartan IPS-NXT


Spartan IPS-NXT

The NXT pumper offers fire departments a powerful pumper in a more compact design, making it one of the most versatile pumpers in the industry. Its tight turn radius, high horsepower, and maximum water flows make it the perfect solution for urban, suburban, or rural operational challenges. Designed with a low-profile pump located behind the cab under the seating extension, the NXT pumper offers added room and storage options in an already spacious cab. Its non-proprietary market-proven pump is available with PTO or Split-Shaft pump in single or 2-stage operation with parts readily available minimizing cost and maximizing options.


Available on a narrow cab with high horsepower engine


Full-body pump with single and 2-stage operation


Up to 2250 GPM pump capacity

Cramp Angle

Up to 53°


Available in short and medium wheelbase configurations

Compartment Space

Maximized compartment space

Horsepower Capabilities

Up to 600 HP

Tank Size

500 to 1000 US Gallons

Advanced Protection System



500 HP in 94" wide cab

Pump Design

Ergonomic pump design


Maximizes space inside the cab and body