Cranberry Volunteer Fire Department

Quick Attack CAFS Refurb | SKU: BCS6427

2022 Ford F550 XLT

6.7L Powerstroke Diesel

335 HP

10-Speed Automatic

Darley CAFS Unit (Existing)


Emergency Lighting Package

  • - Power for front portable winch .
  • - Two (2) Whelen ION red led warning lights – front grill mounted.
  • - Two (2) Whelen TLIR red led warning lights – one on each front fender.
  • - One (1) Whelen Liberty 60” lightbar, all led, fully populated with forward scene and side alley light features.
  • - One (1) Profire custom-made center console located between the forward seats (replacing the center module of the 40-20-40 front seat assembly).
  • - One (1) Whelen Cencom Combination Siren/PA and lighting switch controller, installed in console.
  • - One (1) Radio Antenna base cable assembly, installed in cab roof and cable routed to console.
  • - Installation of One (1) Customer supplied VHF Radio, in center console.
  • - One (1) SET of custom fabricated aluminum running boards, below cab doors, both sides.
  • - One (1) backup alarm, single volume.
  • - Rear Chassis Frame extension complete with support for tailboard.
  • - Set of three (3) portable winch anchor with power, left, right and rear.
  • - One (1) 7-pin RV format trailer hitch connector.
  • - One (1) On-Scene Solutions combination red/white led ceiling light, located cab ceiling center.
  • - One (1) led maplight, gooseneck style, located forward right corner of center console.
  • - One (1) kit, combination of remote start and Havis Idle-Right, idle mitigation device to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during stationary operation.
  • - Shore Power Inlet port, connection to Ford block heater via summer/winter switch and to battery maintainer charger.
  • - Diesel fuel pickup port for CAFS unit into factory Ford fuel tank.
  • - Tires upgraded to larger, Continental Scandinavia HD3, sized 265/70R19.5, including spare tire.
  • - 2022 Ford F-550, 19,500lb GVW.
  • - Race Red exterior color, grey interior
  • - Crewcab
  • - XLT Trim
  • - Diesel Engine 6.7 litre, V8
  • - Automatic transmission, 10-speed
  • - 4x4 Drive
  • - Max GVW package
  • - Fire/Ambulance Prep Package
  • - Power Locks and Windows
  • - 88:1 gear ratio , front and rear differential
  • - Polished Aluminum Wheels, plus Spare
  • - Backup-camera kit
  • - Remove body from existing chassis.
  • - Complete disassembly for re-finishing/painting.
  • - Modifications to suit new chassis including new fender panels and ports for Fuel and DEF fluid.
  • - Modification/enlarge of side panels for improved service access where possible.
  • - Removal of rear facing treadplate in preparation for chevron striping.
  • - Complete inspection and repair of any minor issues found following disassembly.
  • - Holes from old components welded shut and sanded smooth where appropriate.
  • - Addition of new holes, prefitting of all new hardware.
  • - Re-Finishing of exterior paint and interior compartment coating, exterior to be Race Red to match chassis.
  • - Re-Paint of exposed deck-gun piping.
  • - Polish forward facing treadplate.
  • - Sanding and cleanup of bare aluminum ladder rack, minor repair as required, if required.
  • - Modification of ladder rack to allow lift and tilt to the side, to enhance service accessibility.
  • - Stainless steel trim panels added around CAFS operator panel.
  • - New shorter tailboard (maximum 8” ) to accommodate hall space and slightly longer chassis.
  • - New body rubrails, channel style aluminum with composite nylon end fittings.
  • - New Black Rubber Fender Flares on body.
  • - New door hinges for all body doors.
  • - New door latches for all body doors.
  • - New rubber seals for all body doors.
  • - Six (6) On-Scene 8” led light strips on top of body to illuminate walking surfaces.
  • - Six (6) On-Scene 8” led light strips under body for ground lighting.
  • - Two (2) On-Scene 8” led light strips inside CAFS pump area for improved service visibility.
  • - Twelve (12) On-Scene led light strips, two (2) per body compartment for compartment interior illumination.
  • - Apparatus body door ajar LED Lamp and audible chime, with individual door bypass possible at each door, in the event of damage or switch failure.
  • - One (1) new aluminum fabricated shelf for L1 compartment to replace wooden shelf.
  • - Set rear cast aluminum, folding steps at rear of body to allow access to top of body from rear.
  • - Set rear body aluminum handrails.
  • - Two (2) FRC Spectra Max 120vac LED tripod extendable light, with truck mounting kit, located front of body, one on each side. The light will be ordered in length configuration that best fits the height of body, ensuring the lighthead is above the body to not intrude on entry/exit from rear of cab.
  • - Custom tarp, black, to cover CAFS unit operation panel when not in use.
  • - Existing towloops shall be refurbished and reused.
  • - Set of DOT markers and reflectors, Tecniq LED.
  • - Set of DOT stop/turn/tail/backup lighting, Whelen LED, 600 series.
  • - Four (4) Whelen ION Clear Scene Lights, two (2) on left side upper body, two (2) on right side upper body.
  • - Two (2) Whelen 600 series LED scene lights, rear facing, also wired to illuminate in reverse.
  • - Installation of Ford Backup camera, right rear side.