Customer Spotlight: Elkford Fire Rescue 

E-ONE HR 100 Aerial

Elkford Fire Rescue responds to their growing community with order of an E-ONE HR 100 Aerial.

June 13, 2023 – District of Elkford’s Director of Fire & Emergency Services, Enzo Calla, shares how they’re modernizing their fleet to respond to growing community demands.

What was important to you when selecting a fire and emergency vehicle fit for your department?

Enzo Calla, Director of Fire & Emergency Services: Versatility, unlike large metropolitan centers that have dedicated equipment for specific needs, our equipment must be versatile and be able to do a multitude of duties.

What was the motivation behind this order?

Enzo Calla, Director of Fire & Emergency Services: This new apparatus will replace our current ladder truck that is 20 years old. As with most municipalities, space is at a premium and Elkford can no longer build out so it must build up, this new unit will assist the fire department as we continue to grow.

Why Safetek Profire?

Enzo Calla, Director of Fire & Emergency Services: I have found the customer service from the sales team to service department are available where and when you need them. We look forward to placing this custom built unit with all the current technology and safety into service.

We asked Product Specialist, Kyle Wilkinson, to share more about this order for Elkford Fire Rescue.

Kyle Wilkinson, Product Specialist (Safetek Profire): This E-ONE aerial will be highly versatile in the climate extremes seen in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The HR 100 aerial provides a safety factor 25 percent greater than required by NFPA while also being able to operate with up to 6mm of ice and in up to 80 km/h winds. As well, the sidestacker hosebed configured with side loading doors, allows large diameter hose to be packed by firefighters without ever stepping off the ground.

This apparatus is replacing a 20 year E-ONE aerial device. Thanks to Chief Calla and the members of Elkford Fire & Rescue for your continued confidence in the E-ONE aerial product.

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About the District of Elkford

Wilderness has always been at the core of Elkford’s identity. Built in 1971 and encompassing a land area of 108.12 km2 (41.75 sq mi).  This idyllic mountain hamlet currently provides over 2,700 residents with postcard-perfect views, beautifully maintained community parks, a nine-hole golf course, hiking and mountain biking trails, a beautiful ski hill, world-class fishing, emerald lakes, and endless backcountry to explore.