Introducing Wildland 3.

A Type 3 reimagined in a Type 6 design.

Wildland Spotlight

Fire Chief Brian Hutchinson of the District of North Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services shares about the impact their order of a Wildland 3 will have on their community.


Wildland 3’s use of advanced materials lowers its weight allowing it to carry up to 2,200L of water.

Wildland 3’s leading edge technology & weight advantage combine to lower maintenance costs while increasing resistance to corrosion.

Reduce your training time & costs. Wildland 3’s lower weight eliminates the need for air brakes.



Length (in) 279.0
Width (in) 95.4
Height (in) 94.75
Wheelbase (in) 175.0

Approach Angle: 35°
Departure Angle: 33°

27 ft

Curb Clearance: 27.5 ft
Wall Clearance: 31 ft


Our team has pre-selected a chassis that provides unparalleled safety and precision fit for our Wildland 3 body. Wildland 3 is built with an International CV Series 515 Crew Cab 4x4 Chassis.

Optimal Body Design

Lightweight integrated construction.

Wildland 3 is engineered with an advanced body design in high-strength polypropylene.

Our lightweight and integrated construction allows for 2 fully customizable compartment storage units. Including brackets for 4 SCBA's, an isolated chainsaw compartment, aluminum roll-up doors, and an enclosed rear mount PTO pump.


Exceeds the minimum required for a Type 3 & doubles the regular capacity of a Type 6.

600 gallons water
15 gallons foam

Cab controlled featuring an Akron Forestry 3462 monitor and Akron 3293, variable flow 30-60-95-125 gpm nozzle located in the front bumper.

Hale or Darley Pump Available.

Electric hose reel. Hannay Reel INC. 100ft 1in booster hose located in rear compartment.


Contact our team to learn more about the remarkable Wildland 3.